De Kempenaerstraat 11B
1051 CJ Amsterdam

Europalaan 2-B
3526 KS Utrecht, unit D1.5

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We are Een van de jongens (Dutch for ‘one of the guys’), the production company of producer Hasse van Nunen and director-producer Renko Douze. Together with filmmakers with a strong vision, we produce creative documentaries about the issues that matter. Or should matter. In the past decade we’ve produced more than 20 films, that were screened and broadcast all over the world, and got awarded at Berlinale, IDFA, Full Frame a.o.

But making films is about more than just making films. We're determined to unleash the full societal potential of our films. By placing important stories in unexpected contexts, we reach unusual audiences and improve their impact.

Hasse van Nunen

Hasse van Nunen (1985) is a documentary film producer, screenwriter and impact producer. After her graduation as a screenwriter from the Utrecht School of the Arts, she worked as a development executive and script editor, before founding her own production company: Een van de jongens. To her, producing films is growing seemingly small personal stories into big universal ones, releasing their impact potential to the fullest.

In 2007 she founded Breaking Ground, the European platform for student films, and in 2015 the Impact Academy, an industry-wide initiative to improve documentaries' societal impact. Besides her job at Een van de jongens, she also works as an impact producer and screenwriter for other documentary projects and as a lecturer at the Netherlands flim Academy.

Renko Douze

Renko Douze (1986) is documentary filmmaker. He works as a director, producer, writer and editor. Righ after his graduation from the Utrecht School of Arts, he founded the production company Een van de jongens, together with producer Hasse van Nunen. In the past decade he produced and directed more than 20 films and series. Although these project vary wildly, they have one thing in common: they are made with a sharp eye and an infectious interest. Besides working for Een van de jongens, Renko also works as a screenwriter, director and editor for other documentary films and TV shows, and as a guest lecturer at the Netherlands Film Academy and the University of Amsterdam.

Noa Defesche

Noa Defesche (1994) works as an line producer at Een van de jongens. Following her studies at the Royal Academy of Art (Graphic Design) and the University of Amsterdam (Political Science), she started working in the documentary sector. Initially at IDFA and since 2021 at Een van de jongens, where she focuses on impact productions and documentaries. Alongside her role as an executive producer, she creates autonomous work and designs prints as a designer.

Deniece Hilberink

Deniece Hilberink (1994) works as an assistant producer for the film and impact productions of Een van de jongens. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Film and Televsion studies (UU), with a specialization in Social and Political Sciences (UGM, Yogyakarta) and a Master's degree in Documentary and Fiction (UvA). During her Master's, she worked on film and impact productions as an intern, leading to a full-time position as assistant producer. Currently, she is also being trained as an impact producer under the mentorship of Hasse. Apart from her role as an assistant producer, she is working on her own film projects.